Alfresco Content Services as core for Content Management capabilities. Named Content Services Platform Challenger by Gartner Magic Quadrant. Easy to...


Several integrations with BPM engines as Activiti or Flowable. Works (Out of the box) with embeded Alfresco Activiti engine. Design...


Taking adavantage about Google Brain capabilities. From using Google Vision as OCR service to extract content and objects to integrate...

Digital Signature


Data integration

Sharing folders

OCR Engine

Task Management

"In addition to executing the installation and migration for older content management solution in record time, AQuA has exceeded our..."

"Venzia IT developed a very intuitive application with Aqua. Allows users to works with documents in an easy and efficient way...."

"AQuA UX is impresive!, clean and easy to adopt. Its allows us save a lot of time and money with..."