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AQuA is a customized software solution helping companies become more profitable by automating document management. A simple, efficient and secure way to work with your digital files smoothly.

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More than 100 organizations are already more efficient thanks to AQuA.

Boost your productivity

Quickly and securely access your company’s information and retrieve documents instantly, even if they are not sorted by folders.

Saves time, money and paper

Avoid the inconvenience of keeping your documents in dead tree format. Printing, photocopying, storing or digging through papers are a thing of the past.

Optimizes remote working

Centralize your content and tools in the cloud, whether your team works in the office, at home, in a coworking space or while traveling the world.

Automated document classification and distribution

Humans tend to make mistakes when doing repetitive tasks, so why not delegate those low-value jobs to AQuA’s artificial intelligence? Save thousands of dollars and dedicate your efforts to what really matters in your company.

Shared folders with clients and collaborators

Create shared and secure spaces where each team member only sees what you want them to see. This way no one will have access to sensitive company information or have to spend hours looking for the files they need at any given moment.

Mobile legal signature of documents

Forget about traveling to sign documents in person. You know: printing, making photocopies, correcting the document, printing again, adjusting your mask, waving with your elbow, getting stuck in a traffic jam, etc. With AQuA this is a thing of the past.

Document management solution designed for large companies

Installed in the cloud or on a local server

No user limits

Valid digital signatures

Folders shared with external collaborators

Automagic classification and distribution

Tailor-made functionalities

Customer testimonials

What do users think of the AQuA document management suite?

AQuA has allowed us to give the user a more agile, cleaner and easier interface to work with. In addition, it has allowed us to save much more than expected in time and resources, automating tasks that we used to do by hand in a totally transparent way for the end user.

Máximo Bermejo

Consultant and app developer

AQuA is an intuitive and simple platform for end users, to facilitate access to documents in an agile way. It uses agile methodologies that ensure the development of the project, which in our case, despite being in South America and having such different schedules, was never an obstacle. Undoubtedly a great ally.

Rocío Sandoval Díaz

Information Systems Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions about AQuA document management solution

A document management system provides 3 main benefits:

  • It allows having all the documents of a company digitized and therefore ensuring their preservation.
  • Access to documentation is centralized and therefore accessible from any computer anywhere, with all the security guarantees by establishing access control to documents.
  • Having a document management software in place saves hundreds of hours in managing documentation and therefore represents a significant cost saving in terms of both human resources and productivity.

Going paperless saves many thousands of dollars a year in unproductive paperwork and unnecessary travel. But in addition to that, there is the convenience and security of having all the documentation at the click of a button. This intangible asset is priceless.

There are no limits. Our plan allows you to create, store, share, sign or even edit as many files as you want.

That can happen if you manage it on paper, but not with AQuA. In fact, if you forget to pay your subscription for a month, for example, we will keep your documents safe. It will not be deleted. Other tools do. 

It is infinitely safer than keeping it on paper. In AQuA, the documentation is fire, flood or any other catastrophe proof. But it is also loss-proof. 

Large companies have a large amount of documentation to handle and many workflows between different departments, so a document management system for large companies requires its own ad hoc implementation.

Normally, large companies have certain requirements in their document management systems:

  • Regulatory compliance, sometimes large companies require software that meets certain regulations that comply with an ISO certification.
  • Guarantees in information security, with the latest European regulations, large companies need greater confidence in the integrity of their data, as this is the main threat in cybersecurity in recent years.
  • Integration with third-party tools, large companies usually work with other tools such as CRM or ERPs, so it is important that the document management system is properly integrated with them.

Start saving time, money and paperwork in your company's document management.

ECM & BPM Suite for managing content services and business processes. Simple interface, advanced functionalities, consistent and secure.

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